“This Award is especially important because it does not only honor women who are successful, but also because it gives credit to the people who support them”…

“Even though men and women can be equal with their qualifications and capabilities, women are faced with harder challenges. In our society, women have to address the unjust civil and banking laws, the society’s outlook on them, and their obligations towards their family.”

“They need all the support they can get in order to fulfill their dreams and achieve their goals.”  The “Randa Bdeir” award at AUB


“I am grateful to Ms. Bdeir and the Gender Equity Group for this important award. This represents an important initiative to support those who encourage the active participation of women across different fields in our society. I am pleased that this award is well aligned with AUB’s mission to establish gender equity across campus, and to be a model for the society when it comes to supporting and believing in the capabilities of our women.”

Randa Bdeir, a highly successful alumna and female leader, is generously giving back to her alma mater, in order to advance the causes of our outstanding women and their mentors.”

President Fadlo Khuri – The “Randa Bdeir” award at AUB


“Young… Successful… Lebanese VIP Randa Bdeir”

Holding power in one hand and wisdom in another, the multitasking passionate lady has made her through perseverance, creation and determination.

Pushed by her indomitable ambition and outstanding intelligence, she is incarnation of the incontestable genius. She is one of a kind… The lady of success”: VIP Magazine


“Growth is the most important career goal. There is no limit to that advancement of an individual in his job…” Randa Bdeir of Arab Ad Magazine


“Randa Bdeir: The architect behind Bank Audi’s 45 cards; If you have a plastic card in your purse or wallet, you can thank Randa Bdeir, who today is the group head of electronic banking & card services at Bank Audi. Mrs. Bdeir, who is often called Lebanon’s credit card guru by banking industry chiefs, was the first to introduce the plastic payment card to Lebanon in 1994.

Nine years later, she also brought the credit card to the Syrian market. Bdeir more recently launched the Loubnani card, which is specially designed to represent you as a Lebanese citizen and to fit your unique lifestyle.

Rather extraordinarily, the card has an embedded cedar scent, which adds flair to the card.

Bdeir was the first Arab woman on the board of directors of MasterCard 2000, invented the first internet card for MasterCard in 1997 ….” BOLD Magazine


“Randa Bdeir At the top of her game. Randa believes that a mother has to be an idol for her children. “You cannot ask your children to study, to be achievers, or to be successful if you are not.”…: Today’s Outlook


“Randa Bdeir “Savoir garder un équilibre dans la vie”

Passion et innovation, charisme et professionnalisme, performance et élégance animent Randa Bdeir, Directrice générale adjointe a Bank Audi, pionnière des cartes de credit et des solutions de paiements en ligne au Liban et dans la region. Mère de famille comblée, femme du monde active et avenante, sa vie bat su rythme de sa nature. Un sens de l’organisation et de la communication, et une quête perpétuelle du savoir…:” Prestige Magazine

“Randa Bdeir: Womanpower is a mix of intelligence, feminine attitude and rational thinking…”  Flair Magazine


“Randa Bdeir: Femme Energique Femme jusqu’au bout des ongles…!

Elle arrive d’un pas decide, allure chic, décontractée …” Noun Magazine


“Les femmes n’ont plus rien à envier aux hommes dans le monde des affaires. Bien que leur participation ne soit pas garantie a tous les niveaux hiérarchiques, beaucoup d’entre elles sont remarquées grâce à leur esprit d’initiative, leurs idées innovatrices, et surtout leur engagement quasi-total. De temps en temps, l’une d’entre elles se distingue plus que les autres, et se forge un nom pas seulement dans son domaine ou dans son pays, mais également dans la region…”

“Randa Bdeir: Première femme arabe ou conseil de MasterCard et marraine de la carte internet…: Focus Magazine


“Randa Bdeir; Professional Achievements, Top 70 Arab Women of 2008

She was the first to introduce the credit card concept to the Lebanese & Syrian market… Bdeir is the first Arab female in the advisory board of MasterCard worldwide  ...” Sayidaty Magazine  

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Las Vegas, 2017
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MasterCard Innovation Forum

Kuala Lumpur, 2015
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Loyalty World Europe 2013 (Organized by Terrapinn)

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Leaders in Dubai Forum

Dubai, 2007

Loyalty World Europe Forum

London, 2005

Deputy General Manager and Head of the Electronic Payment Solutions & Card Technology division 

May 2018 - To Date
2018 - date

Advisor to Chairman and CEO of Bank Audi Group

Feb. 2017 - Feb. 2018
2017 - 2018

Assistant General Manager, Group Head of E- Payment solutions and Card Services (reporting directly to the Group CEO).

2004 - 2017
2004 - 2007

Marketing & Business Development Director

1993 - 2004
1993 - 2004