by INSPIRE,USEK - March, 2024


by NDU l Beirut - February, 2018

Smart Phone Payments Innovation at Banking Tech Conference

by Banking Tech | Egypt- Cairo - February, 2018

Smartphone – Based Contactless payment Innovation

by Alpha One events - Dubai - January, 2017

Women Empowerment in the Finance Sector

by World Union of Arab Bankers l Beirut- Adnan Kassar - May, 2017

Women's day: Discussion on Pioneer Womenn

by Participating in Panel on Pioneer Arab Women / ESCWA - Beirut - March, 2017

Cyber Crimes Risks and tools to fight it

by General Union of Arab Chambers l Beirut - February, 2016

Future Plan for Digital payment

by Wallet/ MC Innovation Forum - CEO Preview - Budapest - September, 2016

Strategy & Innovation for global communications

by Terrapain / Total Telecom Congress 2016 - London - October, 2016

Mobile & Payments : Catching up with new paradigms and cashing in on new revenue streams

by Retail Banking Summit in Lebanon by EFMA - July, 2016

Financial Technology, Mobile Payment & Consumer protection

by World Union of Arab Bankers l Beirut - December, 2016

Future Plan for Digital Payment | CEO meeting preview

by MasterCard innovation forum, Budapest - February, 2016

Strategy & Innovation for Global Communications

by Total Telecom Congress, London - December, 2016

Banking Technology, Modernizing your Payment Environment Toward Electronic Payments

by Cairo - August, 2015

Iraqi Central Bank Training: Evolution of E-Payment Solutions at ESA

by Central Bank of Lebanon, Beirut - September, 2015

IT Forum: New Trends in Financial Banking Technology

by Union of Arab Banks, Beirut - February, 2015

Union of Arab Banks

by Beirut & Brussels - March, 2014

Innovative Mobile Payments & Cards

by Dubai - March, 2014

5th Annual World Cards & Payments Summit

by Beirut - February, 2014

Media Forum: E-Media

by Union of Arab Banks, Beirut - June, 2014

Payment Systems Moving to the Next Generation Conference

by Al Bank Wal Moustathmer Group, Istanbul - April, 2014

Cartes et Identifications, CSR & Product Innovation, Case Study of Loubnani Credit Card

by Paris - June, 2014

Social Media World, Launching New Products through Social Media

by Terrapin, Abu Dhabi - March, 2014

Arab French Banking Dialogue: Impact of Financial Crisis on Credit Cards

by Union of Arab Banks, Paris - June, 2014

Role of Women in the Growth of the Private Sector

by Arab Planning Institute, Beirut - March, 2014

Member Marketing Forum: Prepaid Cards

by MasterCard International, Dubai - August, 2014

Syndicate of Accountants: Importance of Plastic Payments for the Economy

by Beirut - September, 2014

Creating a National Switch to Manage ATM & POS Network

by Iraqi & Iranian Banks, Baghdad & Iran - September, 2014

Modernization of Retail Banking

by Data Consult, Beirut - September, 2014

E-Commerce & Internet Banking

by Union of Arab Banks, Beirut - September, 2014